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June 20, 2024

The Auxiliary Navy of the Basque Country

Biographies of The Basque Auxiliary Navy

ANGEL GABIÑA ANDRAKA (Portugalete, 1902-1981)

Angel Gabiña Andraka (Portugalete, 1902-1981) Angel Gabiña was a captain in the Merchant Navy. At the start of the war, he was the master of the Bou trawler Alcaudón, belonging to Pesquera Vizcaina, which was seized twice by the cruiser Cervera. The vessel was requisitioned by the Santander Popular Front and Gabiña returned to Bilbao. In February 1937, he joined the Auxiliary Navy as first officer of the Iruña but, as the fitting-out work had not been completed, but was given the command of the Minesweepers Flotilla in March as captain of the D-21. He was in charge of the minesweeping tasks until the end of May when he had to be hospitalised as he was ill. Bilbao fell before he was released from hospital. After the war, he continued working on fishing boats until he retired. He died in San Sebastián.

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