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July 16, 2024

The Auxiliary Navy of the Basque Country

Biographies of The Basque Auxiliary Navy


Antonio de Zinkunegi Atxura (Lequeitio, 1895-1937) Antonio de Zinkunegi was a captain in the Merchant Navy and a member of the PNV and STV political parties. Before the war, he sailed in the steamship Elanchove, belonging to the Cía. Marítima Elanchove. In July 1936, he was embarked in the Bou trawlers of Pasajes. In December, he was appointed the captain of the armed Bou trawler Goizeko-Izarra, on which he was barely able to carry out more than one sortie. He died when the vessel hit a mine on the Abra de Bilbao at midnight from the 16th to 17th January 1937.

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